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Nullifire / CPG Europe

For over 47 years, Nul­li­fire has devel­oped smart fire pro­tec­tive solu­tions. A spe­cial­ist that has not, and will nev­er change its focus: to pro­tect peo­ple and assets against fire.

Today Nul­li­fire offers a com­pre­hen­sive range of fire stop­ping prod­ucts and intu­mes­cent coat­ings, sold all over Europe. Over the course of 10 years Nul­li­fire intro­duced a range of intu­mes­cent tech­nolo­gies for the fire pro­tec­tion of both tim­ber and steel struc­tures. In addi­tion, Nul­li­fire was instru­men­tal in the devel­op­ment of fire pro­tec­tion solu­tions for ser­vice pen­e­tra­tions and con­struc­tion move­ment joints.

These laid the basis for the coat­ings Nul­li­fire pro­duces today. The tech­nol­o­gy has evolved since then.

Our out­stand­ing Fast track, Hybrid Intu­mes­cent Coat­ing Nul­li­fire SC902 is a true inno­va­tion in the Intu­mes­cent Coat­ings mar­ket: up to 120 min­utes Fire Pro­tec­tion in one coat, fast cure, high build, flex­i­ble in appli­ca­tion even below 0°C. This keeps projects on track the whole year.

We also pro­vide 1‑pack stan­dard Intu­mes­cent Coat­ings, water-based and sol­vent-based, that offer most effi­cient solu­tions to pro­tect steel from fire.

Nul­li­fire is the Fire Pro­tec­tion brand at Con­struc­tion Prod­ucts Group (CPG) Europe. The CPG group cov­ers a wide array of dif­fer­ent con­struc­tion needs and pro­vide a wealth of com­plex ser­vices, sup­port and sys­tems that are rarely found togeth­er under one roof.

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