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THS Administration Office, Nordstern Colliery, Gelsenkirchen

In the spring of 1855, coal was drilled for the first time in Gelsenkirchen-Horst in what was later to become the Nordstern colliery. After an eventful history of more than 150 years, the listed winding tower (Nordstern tower) of shaft 2, built in 1951 by the architect Fritz Schupp as a steel truss construction with a facing masonry façade, was renovated by the THS beginning in 2009 as a project of the RUHR 2010 Capital of Culture.

In 2002-2003, the steel structure of the adjacent THS administration building was coated with the HENSOTHERM® 4 KS (F30) steel fire protection system and upgraded in the course of 42,000m² of renovation work.

In the next renovation phase, the interior of the winding tower was extended in the course of the change of use and a glass cube was added in the area of the pulley. On the roof, at a height of 83 metres, there is the “Hercules of Gelsenkirchen”, a statue by the sculptor Markus Lüpertz – 13 metres high and weighing 23 tonnes – as well as a visitors’ terrace since 2012.

The entire steel truss construction of the winding tower was originally not rust-protected, as it was not assumed at the time that it would one day be put to a new use after the end of coal mining. Therefore, in the run-up to the change of use, extensive steel refurbishment measures had to be carried out first, from the manual derusting of the steel truss construction to the application of corrosion protection and the strengthening of the steel components with the fire protection coating system HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN (F30/F90).

The steel supports in the newly added entrance area for visitors, the steel profiles of the four raised floors in the winding tower, incl. the steel parts of the visitors’ terrace and their transitions received an F90 steel fire protection coating HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN with coloured topcoat HENSOTOP 84 AUSSEN.

Due to the long construction period and the pending replacement of the windows in the tower, it was decided to use a steel fire protection coating for the exterior, in this case HENSOTHERM®3 KS AUSSEN.

HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN is a coating system that meets both aesthetic and safety requirements to the same degree. HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN is designed for application on weathered steel structures. However, it also protects open, closed and also galvanised steel components from overheating and structural failure in interior areas with high emission loads in the event of fire.

Due to the grain fineness of the raw materials used, an optimal surface appearance can be achieved. HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN is statically non-loading, maintenance-free, has a VOC < 350 g/l and, due to its high stability, it saves time during application by reducing the number of work steps.

HENSOTHERM® 3 KS AUSSEN has been tested according to European and German standards and is approved by the building authorities.

Overview project data

Project title
Shaft 2 extension

Building construction

Nordsternstrasse 1, 45899 Gelsenkirchen

THS GmbH, Nordsternplatz 1, 45899 Gelsenkirchen

Design: Professor K. H. Petzinka, Natalie Ness, René Clasen
Execution: THS GmbH, Nordsternplatz 1, 45899 Gelsenkirchen

Weischede, Herrmann and Partner
wh-p GmbH Consulting Engineers, Curiestr. 2, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany

Further specialist engineers
Test engineer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ungermann, Office of Prof. Sedlacek & Partner, Dortmund
As-built report on steel: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ungermann, Chair of Steel Construction, TU Dortmund University
Expert opinion on concrete and masonry: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raupach, IBAC, RWTH Aachen University

Steel construction
Siebert & Möller GmbH & Co. KG, Fegeteschstraße 20, 47809 Krefeld, Germany

Corrosion and fire protection
Manufacturer: Rudolf Hensel GmbH, Lauenburger Landstraße 11, 21039 Börnsen,
Fabricator: Ambrock GmbH, Auf dem Graskamp 22, 58099 Hagen, Germany


  • Anti-corrosion coating system HENSOGRUND 1966 and HENSOGRUND AK Primer
  • HENSOTHERM® 3 KS EXTERIOR steel fire protection coating (F30/F90); Application: 2009-2010 on 4,200 m2
  • HENSOTHERM® 4 KS AUSSEN steel fire protection coating (F30); Use: 2002-2003 on 42,000 m2
  • HENSOTOP 84 AUSSEN as top coat in various RAL and DB shades
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