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Aircraft maintenance hangar Frankfurt

In summer 2009, the currently largest aircraft maintenance hangar in Frankfurt am Main was put into operation. The 180 x 120 m hall was designed by the architects gmp (Gerkan, Marg und Partner) and breaks new ground in terms of construction and fire protection. It was commissioned by a consortium under the leadership of Ed. Züblin AG in Stuttgart.

In the first construction phase, from the laying of the foundation stone on 21 September 2006 until the end of 2007, a maintenance hangar (42,000 m²) including parking spaces and taxiways was completed. The second construction phase, which was carried out in 2015, includes the construction of the large maintenance hangar.

Steel construction

The largely welded supporting structure of the hangar consists of four main columns, which are located outside the hangar and serve as abutments for two 13.45 m high main trusses with a span of 180 m. On top of these main trusses, there are nine trusses. On top of these main trusses are nine secondary trusses, each 10 m apart, which support the roof with skylights.

The two transverse walls consist of steel columns with bracing, a post-and-beam construction for sandwich panels and external sheet metal cladding. The façade consists of intermediate supports, door guides and four sliding doors.

Structural fire protection

Preventive structural fire protection of fire resistance class F30 or F90 is required for the steel components of the roof level and for the cross walls. In this case, this is provided by the reactive intumescent “Unitherm brillant”, which proved to be the most economical in terms of layer thickness, foam structure, working step and drying time.

Since the roof construction at a height of over 30 m has a large distance (approx. 10 m) to possible sources of fire, a fire protection coating of 0.25 mm was sufficient in most places. Particularly stressed structural parts and supports, on the other hand, were provided with a coating of up to 3 mm.

This means that only about 1% of the total roof weight – namely 30 t of fire protection coating – was sufficient to make the roof structure of the hangar resistant to fire.

Another special feature of the aircraft maintenance hangar is the brilliant effect colouring of the fire protection coating, which protects the steel substrate not only at critical temperatures of up to 500° C but also from water, moisture, corrosion, UV rays, pollution, environmental and industrial influences and mechanical impacts.

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Overview project data

Project title
Aircraft maintenance hangar Frankfurt am Main

Building construction

Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg

Gerkan, Marg and Partner (gmp), Aachen

Steel construction
Steel construction consortium A380 shipyard
Stahlbau Wendeler GmbH, Donzdorf
Friedrich Bühler GmbH, Altensteig
Greschbach Industrie und Stahlbau GmbH, Herbolzheim

Structural engineers
Schlaich, Bergermann and Partner, Stuttgart

General contractor (GU) Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart

Donges Stahlbau GmbH, Darmstadt

Fire protection experts
Halfkann + Kirchner, Erkelenz

Fire protection
SKI GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

Start of construction
Laying of the foundation stone on 21 September

End of construction (overall project)

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