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Tank wagon loading facility, Gelsenkirchen

The handling of liquid hydrocarbons places the highest demands on fire and operational safety. In Gelsenkirchen, an ultra-modern filling plant for rail tank wagons was constructed on a turnkey basis in 2020 and 2021 by Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH from Essen, which operates according to the on-spot principle.

For the steel construction, the customer requested a high-quality fire and corrosion protection coating that meets the following requirements:

  • Proven suitability of the system to protect steel structures against hydrocarbon fires R90-HC (ISO TR 834-3:1994, UL1709:2017)
  • Corrosion protection for very high corrosion loads with high protection duration (C5-H)
  • A fire protection system that can be economically processed in the factory before assembly
  • A fire protection system that can be processed in the connection areas even under adverse conditions on the construction site.

Allgemeine Projektdaten

Title: Tank wagon loading facility TransTank GmbH Gelsenkirchen
Category: Plant engineering
Planning, delivery, and turnkey construction:
Steel construction: on behalf of Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH
Completion: 2021

Corrosion protection and fire protection

Required fire protection: R90-HC (Hydrocarbon Pool Fire)
Processor: (Factory coating and on-site connections)



  • Intergard 251 (Primer)
  • Chartek 1709 (Intumescent layer)
  • Interthane 990 (Top coat) in colour shade RAL 7032
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