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Painting Center SENGER STARLACK, Rosbach

In Rosbach vor der Höhe, not far from Frankfurt (Main), the SENGER STARLACK painting center with 43 car body- and 35 painting stations for 75 employees was built in a construction period of only 12 months.  Almost 2,000 m³ of concrete were poured for the building, 105,000 reinforcing steel meshes were installed and 250 tons of steel were provided with an R30 fire protection coating.

When choosing the fire protection system, the contractor B&K Brandschutztechnik decided on Nullifire SC803. SC803 is a water-based steel fire protection coating, which is convincing due to its low layer thickness and thus low consumption quantity and can be used up to a fire resistance of 90 minutes. In addition to the low consumption quantity, the low VOC content (<0.5g/l ) of Nullifire SC803 ensures a healthy indoor climate even during application.

For this project, the fire protection coating Nullifire SC803 was already tinted at the factory in the colour RAL 9002, so that the top coat, which was only necessary for visual reasons, could be dispensed with.

Nullifire SC803 is not only environmentally friendly and economical, it is also durable. When used in dry interior areas, a service life can be assumed that corresponds to the useful life of the building. Extensive maintenance is not necessary for this, it is sufficient to repair the coating if it is damaged.

The serviceability is complemented by another special feature of all Nullifire fire protection coatings: Optifire+. A pigment is added to all Nullifire fire protection coatings during the manufacturing process, which is invisible to the naked eye. When viewed through a special magnifying glass, with which all Nullifire technicians are equipped, these pigments are activated by a light source. This allows Nullifire fire protection coatings to be detected shortly after application, but also many years later.

General project data

Title: Painting Center SENGER STARLACK, Rosbach
Category: Structural engineering
Construction time (overall): 12 Months
Completion: 2021

Corrosion protection and fire protection

Required fire protection: R30
Products: Nullifire SC803

Further information

You can find a detailed project description on the website of Nullifire:
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